This Stock Subscription Agreement provides the outline agreement on how to distribute and allocate shares or stock of the company to any subscriber.

Stock Subscription Agreement

This Joint Venture Agreement is an important document when a company or individual establish a partnership with other companies or individuals for a specific business purpose.

Joint Venture Agreement

You can use this Vesting Agreement to outline the terms and conditions of paying employee compensation with the company stock.

Vesting Agreement

This Non-Disclosure Agreement Template outlines the terms and conditions of the contract with the main agreement of treating disclosed information as confidential.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

This Investor Rights Agreement provides the company the different subjects of the investors’ rights and responsibilities that you can customize to fit your company’s needs.

Investor Rights Agreement

The Instructions for the Scope of Work Template outlines the framework of project tasks required to complete the project.


Use this Financial Model to create a structure of your financial decision making situations and prepare a comprehensive, professional financial section for your business plan.
Financial model